SHEEX, a leader in direct response and retail bedding, had been running TV spots with a competitive agency for over a year when their campaign began to stall.  With a MER 60% lower than their goal, low revenue, limited dayparts, and zero diversification across their station mix, MDG landed a client that needed to quickly find new revenue streams, broaden their audience segments and increase retail foot traffic.


Within 3 weeks MDG increased the clients performing station list by 138%. Prior to the agency change, 85% of their media budget was focused on 3 news channels regardless of demographic and limited performance. MDG introduced female skewing stations with 95% success. With the previous campaign only running on large News stations, the majority of the budget was clearing on the late night and overnight rotations. MDG was able to expand the daypart mix to include daytime, early morning, late fringe and prime. In making these optimization, Sheex saw their MER improve 200% and overall revenue improve by 40% in just 12 weeks on air with MDG. With the new station mix, retail foot traffic increase 44%, the first increase in over 10 months.



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